LCP Straight Side Single Crank Link Motion Press

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:LCP

With low-downward speed near B.D.C., but with high-downward speed from T.D.C., and high-upward speed after B.D.C., Reducing mostly vibration and noise.

Eight-side gibs designing, can reduce the shift of eccentric load, to increase the product precision and enlong the die tool life.

High rigidness mono-block construction, suitable for heavy load and thick material production.

High torque output clutch and brake unit, operating sensitively, low noise and long service life.

Multi-functional electrical control system, ultra-safety, easy operating and maintenance.

Lubricating system with detecting sensor, to provide excellent lubricating condition and ensure the smoothly running.

Considerable automatic equipment combining design, easily fitted with auto-peripheral equipment to expand productivity.