Sino Tech Machinery Taiwan Co., Ltd.--High-precision compact power press, high-speed precision press

Sino Tech Machinery Taiwan Co., Ltd., established in Changhua City, central Taiwan in May 1984, is one of Taiwan's most professional manufacturers of power presses and hydraulic bending machines. The company is currently renowned for developing precision power press and automatic feeding equipment.

To expand product lines, in 1997 the company moved to a modern production facility in Changpin Industrial Zone. Since that time, the company has been expanding sales to the international marketplace by developing a spate of innovative products. The company uses "Sino" brand.

At present, the company's major product lines are C-type single-crank power press, C-type double-crank power press, straight-side double-crank power press, straight-side single-crank power press, C-type high-speed precision power press, straight-side high-speed precision press, automatic peripheral equipment, H-frame single-crank press, H-frame double-crank press, and high-speed leveler.

The company's SHS-series straight-side single crank press is suitable for blanking, forming, piercing and punching in hardware, auto parts and electric appliance industries.

The straight-side high-speed precision single-crank press is one of Sino Tech's best sellers. The machine features high-rigid frame structure, high-accuracy plunger guide device, high-stability die stick release device, high-efficiency clutch and brake unit, high-efficiency automatic peripheral equipment, and users-friendly electronic control system.